Reviews for Substitute Creature

Horn Book Guide Reviews 2014 Fall
Robert and Glenn find themselves trapped with several other classmates in Lovecraft Middle School during a Valentine's Day blizzard. Worse still, they need to defeat an evil substitute teacher and a throng of abominable creatures. The plotting is formulaic, but light horror and goofy humor, along with black-and-white illustrations and a gimmicky lenticular cover, may attract reluctant readers to this fourth installment.

VOYA Reviews 2013 December
The fourth installment of this fun series is reminiscent of Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and the myriad knock-offs of this genre, this time intended for middle graders and early middle school readers. It is written much like the Goosebumps series. Black-and-white illustrations grace the pages, and the characters are likable and realistic, albeit fantastic in the true sense of the word. Young Robert Arthur attends Lovecraft Middle School, founded on the ruins of Tillinghast Mansion. The fourth volume introduces Miss Carcasse. On Valentine's Day, Robert and his seventh-grade buddy Glenn find themselves in a near-miss situation and are saved by the trusty school custodian, Mac. Robert's love interest is a girl named Karina who has been dead for thirty years. She is a ghost. A two-headed rat named Pip and Squeak also serves as a sidekick. When a mysterious blizzard aids and abets Miss Carcasse in her attempts to wreak havoc on the school, the children must resolve the dilemma. Lionel, a spoiled, wealthy student must show his true colors, and Crawford Tillinghast himself intervenes This series is sure to please. Love conquers all, the monsters are vanquished, lessons are learned and taken to heart, and the young protagonists survive.--Jane Murphy 4Q 4P M J Copyright 2011 Voya Reviews.