Reviews for Math Doesn't Suck : How to Survive Middle School Math Without Losing Your Mind or Breaking a Nail

VOYA Reviews 2007 October
Whoever said that beauty and brains do not mix is proven completely wrong by this actress and mathematician's new book. McKellar, a UCLA math graduate, covers some of the most basic ideas of middle-grade math, including concepts relating to fractions, decimals, and ratios, making each comprehensible, interesting, and fun. Using real-world constructions, such as tangled necklaces, boyfriends, and pizza, concepts are thoroughly explained. Each topic is supported by practical and useful methods, plenty of examples, demonstrations of how to solve the problems, and problems for readers to solve along with their solutions. In addition, quotes from real girls, professional women, and insights from McKellar show that being smart is an important thing for girls and that it really enhances their beauty. Personality quizzes and horoscopes add a great pop-culture flair that allows for even more interactive connections with the topic.From using portions of the book for skill building to learning each concept in turn, math pros will find this book useful, but it will find special fans among those who struggle with mathematical concepts. Librarians and math teachers will need multiple copies of this fine work so that girls-and maybe even some boys-can discover what fun math can really be.-Rachel Wadham Illus. 5Q 4P M J Copyright 2007 Voya Reviews.