Reviews for Street Judge

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Mathis, a juvenile delinquent turned judge and courtroom reality show host in Detroit, Mich., delivers his unfortunate first novel, a trite thriller featuring a crusading Mathis as the protagonist. The action begins as Mathis uncovers corruption in the seductive form of ambitious assistant D.A. Carolyn Otto, who has begun an affair with Mathis's good friend, Gram Olson, in an attempt to swindle Gram's wife's money. Carolyn (whom Mathis refers to as "black widow" ad nauseam) reaches the apex of evil as she blackmails Olson and tries to bribe Mathis himself. Simultaneously, Mathis is searching for the killer of Sheila Morgan, a single mother who was decapitated. Unfortunately, the narrative is disjointed and comically hokey, and the prose is less than lackluster. (Sept.) Copyright 2008 Reed Business Information.