Reviews for Story of the Indiana Pacers

Booklist Reviews 2010 September #1
"The NBA: A History of Hoops series uses a format similar to the publisher's excellent NFL Today series, which means plenty of technical, hard-driving game recaps paired with giant-size photos that freeze-frame the sweat and glory of pro basketball. Few states obsess over basketball like Indiana, and this chronological account takes the team from its 1967 inception in the ABA league, to the NBA invite that came in 1976, to the drafting of three-point master Reggie Miller, to the lowly 30-50 record in the 2009-10 season. Fans will love that this isn't a book for rookies; if you don't know what a "screen" is, or can't make heads or tails of the comment "the Pacers beefed up their frontcourt," then you'd better go back to training. The overwrought metaphors and hyperbole of excitable sports writing proliferates here (the Pacers didn't just get better; they "exorcised their demons"), but the main event is the fantastic photos, the best of which are poster-style two-page spreads introducing important players. Not much esoterica here, but a strong effort nonetheless." Copyright 2010 Booklist Reviews.