Reviews for Teens Cook Dessert

VOYA Reviews 2006 July
What better way to teach teenagers how to cook than by starting with desserts? Megan and Jill Carle, the authors of Teens Cook (Ten Speed Press, 2004/VOYA December 2004), create another delightful compilation of recipes for teens to try out. They start out with the all-around favorites, like classic chocolate chip cookies. There are holiday recipes for Halloween dirt pie, complete with cookie tombstones and gummy worms that seem to crawl out of the chocolate "earth." The final chapter has fancy foods like vanilla soufflé with chocolate sauce or fresh raspberry napoleons. (Are you hungry yet?) Not only do the recipes sound delicious, they look delicious in glossy color pictures. This book is a beauty just to look through, but it will make one's sugar-craving levels rise. The instructions are easy to understand, but often crammed into one or two large paragraphs. Beginning cooks will need some guidance when it comes to the terminology and techniques used. For a teen who already knows a little about the kitchen, this book will be a delight. There are tons of handy sidebars filled with helpful cooking advice or neat historical facts. This book is a must for any library with teens who have the slightest interest in making their own sweets.-Leslie McCombs Index. Illus. Photos. 4Q 3P M J S Copyright 2006 Voya Reviews.