Reviews for Rapunzel : A Fairy Tale

Booklist Monthly Selections - #1 August 1997
Ages 5^-8. European illustrator Dusikov interprets the familiar fairy tale with dreamy, dark watercolors. Observed by cats, butterflies, and birds, Rapunzel, the witch, and the king's son play out the story. Unfortunately, the second page of text, set against a charcoal background, is difficult to read. Predictably, the witch has a long nose, Rapunzel is demure and blond, and the prince is boyishly handsome. Dusikov 's forte is her exquisite, misty landscape art. Not as romantic or as visually intriguing as the Rogasky-Hyman retelling; however, this will serve as a contrasting alternative for larger collections. Bell's translation is, for the most part, faithful to the traditional story. Only the twins have been removed, perhaps to suit the sensibilities of those opposed to unwed motherhood. ((Reviewed Aug. 1997)) Copyright 2000 Booklist Reviews

Horn Book Guide Reviews 1997
The illustrations for this readable translation of the familiar story feature two rather young-looking sweethearts, Rapunzel and her prince, who meet in Rapunzel's half-timbered tower prison. Dusfkovß's soft, misty watercolors lend a romantic air to the tale. Copyright 1998 Horn Book Guide Reviews