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School Library Journal Reviews 2009 February

Gr 6-9--Rajan first began raising funds for charity at age four by selling clementines for earthquake victims in India. As a child and as a teenager, he has been raising money for charities in Southeast Asia, Haiti, and Africa. In 2005, he was named UNICEF Canada's Child Representative. In the first part of the book, Rajan shares his experiences in charity work as well as tips for raising money. While his intentions are honorable, his advice is sometimes unclear. When contacting CEOs for corporate sponsorships, amateur fund-raisers will need a little more coaching than "just go for it." Part two outlines Rajan's eight principles for maximizing personal potential. Each chapter concludes with blank workbooklike pages. The worksheets are simplified and may do little to engage teens who are not self-motivated. Black-and-white photos appear throughout. Clearly, Rajan is an exceptional teen and has much to offer the world. However, this book does little to enhance his efforts. Sean Covey's The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens (S & S, 1998) is still the landmark for inspiring young adults.--Richelle Roth, Wilmington Public Library, OH

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VOYA Reviews 2009 April
In 2005, Bilaal Rajan was named UNICEF Canada's Child Representative in recognition of his commitment to child welfare and extraordinary track record at fundraising for humanitarian causes. Rajan's projects--the first selling Clementine oranges in his native Canada when he was four years old--have since expanded to disaster relief and education through his organization, Hands for Help. Part personal odyssey and part motivational guide (complete with mini-workbook and exercises), this book's strength is its realistic approach to charitable work: the need for a passionate, personalized message; the role of public speaking; and a plethora of fundraising examples, from sports and wellness activities to seasonal and business-related projects. "Bilaal's Way" spotlights the young entrepreneur's favorite endeavors as individual chapters explain focused management techniques using SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely) goals and savvy media relations Although it is inspiring to read about a young man so devoted to relieving global poverty, this book tries simply to do too much. Nine philanthropy-focused chapters are followed by "8 Principles to Maximize Your True Potential," New-Age inspired discussions on topics ranging from communication and personal health to self-help and volunteerism. Additionally, the volume's sophisticated concepts and overuse of technical language has the potential to lose the tween and teen audience it attempts to reach. Unlikely to be read by most young adults, this unique title might be more appropriate for community members and youth advocates whose duties include fundraising.--Jay Wise Photos. Charts. Further Reading. 2Q 1P M J Copyright 2009 Voya Reviews.