Reviews for Codes and Ciphers

School Library Journal Reviews 2010 April

Gr 3-6--These books include the tips, tricks, and techniques of agents; the weapons and gadgets they use; and the operations of secret agencies. The first book gives an excellent overview of the historical and practical use of codes and ciphers in spy work. Coverage includes the Caesar cipher and Morse code, the use of Navaho code talkers during World War II, secret writing, the use of microdots, and cipher machines such as Enigma and the Japanese Purple. Secret Agents includes information about notable spies throughout history, an overview of the major secret services and spy rings, and authors who have written about the world of espionage. In Spy School, Gilbert reveals how spies are recruited and trained, discussing methods of disguise, surveillance, interrogation, evasion, and escape. Top Technology unveils gadgets of espionage from listening devices to cameras and from lie detectors to myriad weapons. The texts' short paragraphs and great pictures are combined in a collage style that will draw readers quickly through the information. Useful for reports and browsing.--Cynde Suite, Bartow County Library System, Adairsville, GA

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