Reviews for Secret She Kept

Booklist Reviews 2012 July #1
Fresh from a relationship that failed when his girlfriend cheated on him, Lance Kingston meets Tia Jiles. She's beautiful, ambitious, and not especially interested. It takes him a while, but once Lance starts dating Tia, he's sure she's the one. After six months of a whirlwind romance, he asks her to marry him. Tia is experiencing enormous pressure at her law firm, where she's under consideration as a partner, dealing with a troublesome pro bono case, and wrestling with personal demons. Before she accepts Lance's proposal, should she tell him her secret? Will he run away from her, as all her previous suitors have? Her mother is counseling her to trust in God and not take a chance on ruining her marital prospects. But soon, their fairy-tale marriage turns into a nightmare as Tia wrestles with marriage, a new baby, and the unraveling of her secret. Billingsley fans will enjoy this novel that looks at mental illness within a story of modern romance and marriage. Copyright 2012 Booklist Reviews.