Reviews for Illustrated Timeline of World War II

School Library Journal Reviews 2011 November

Gr 7 Up--While dates may not be the be-all, end-all of history, they can be important. These books endeavor to provide both a running time line and a context to historical events, ranging from the broad history of the world to the more narrow topics of military, medicine, and the limited time period of World War II. It's hard to imagine students reading these dense books from cover to cover, but as reference sources, they are extremely useful. The concise explanations, paired with what would otherwise be an unwieldy chronology, help situate events in history and geography. Worldwide events, civilizations, and discoveries are given similar weight, making the books an excellent starting point for the less-covered histories of, for example, the ancient Americas or Eastern medicine.

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VOYA Reviews 2012 February
The History Timelines series includes four volumes: The Illustrated Timeline of Military History, The Illustrated Timeline of Medicine, The Illustrated Timeline of the History of the World, and The Illustrated Timeline of World War II. The Illustrated Timeline of World War II delves into weapons and warfare, uniforms, significant people, battles, and death camps. It does not generally discuss the aftermath of the war, except for war crimes and trials, but it does contain events leading to war. The Illustrated Timeline of Military History includes ancient worlds, photos of artifacts, battles, and information about Iraq While these books cover a variety of topics, they do not go into depth. They also miss such topics as women (in both volumes) and Celtic and Asian history in The Illustrated Timeline of Military History. The series resembles the style of a DK book--pleasing to the eye and not an overwhelming amount of information. The content is presented in short snippets interspersed with great photographs, maps, and tables. A timeline sidebar runs down each page, making the information clear and concise. At times there is a discrepancy about the amount of information. The American War of Independence has a one-page spread, while the American Civil War has a four-page spread. This series is a great starting point for research.--Jennifer Rummel Math Smarts. Enslow, 2011. 64p. PLB $27.93. Index. Illus. Table of Contents. Charts. Further Reading. 4Q 3P M J S A/YCaron, Lucille, and Philip M. St. Jacques. Fraction and Decimal Smarts. ISBN 978-0766039360------. Geometry Smarts. ISBN 978-0766039353Wingard-Nelson, Rebecca, et. al. Trigonometry Smarts. ISBN 978-0766039445Reluctant students will find the format of these no-frills books inviting and may seek one of these small volumes rather than a large one to find what they need. Each volume utilizes simple, uncluttered illustrations to visualize concepts. The table of contents lists more than twenty topics, making it easy to locate specific information. Fractions and Decimals Smarts presents multiplying fractions with a recipe for a marshmallow pie, as well as scores for a track team. Geometry Smarts includes paper folding, prisms, and multiple views of objects to understand relationships in angles and sides. Trigonometry Smarts studies the sides, angles, and relationships of triangles. The Pythagorean Theorem enables students to solve the required height of a ladder or distance to a house, and trigonometry tables are illustrated. These books would be particularly useful for remediation or review, possibly along with a traditional text or set of practice problems. Clarity and ease of use are major strengths for these books, making them excellent supplemental resources for students in a wide range of grades and levels in math skills.--Marilyn Brien. Copyright 2011 Voya Reviews.