Reviews for Battle of the Ampere

Booklist Reviews 2014 February #2
Fans of Michael Vey will not be disappointed in this high-octane addition to the series featuring a boy who can manipulate electricity and who tries to stop the nefarious Dr. Hatch from controlling the world's power. Picking up from the final escape scene in Rise of the Elgen (2012), Michael finds himself in the Amazon rain forest. There, he joins forces with Tessa, whose ability to amplify powers comes in handy as they try to free the other Glows still held captive. Evading both the Elgen and Peruvian armies, the teenage Electroclan try to stop Dr. Hatch and return home once and for all. While the character development is shallow and the dialogue sounds dated, Michael and his friends are appealing, uncomplicated protagonists. Chaste romantic scenes and a conspicuous lack of profanity may widen the audience. Readers new to the series may be confused by the large cast and lack of backstory, but the relentless pace and constant one-liners should keep the pages turning easily. Copyright 2014 Booklist Reviews.

Horn Book Guide Reviews 2014 Spring
Though the Electroclan's destruction of the Starxource plant was a major victory over the Elgen, the Peruvian government has branded it a terroristic act. Hunted by both the army and the Elgen fleet, Michael and friends must evade capture as they plan their next move against Dr. Hatch. Evans develops character relationships better in this third installment, which continues to be exciting.

Horn Book Guide Reviews 2013 Spring
Having narrowly escaped the evil Elgen organization in [cf2]The Prisoner of Cell 25[cf1], Michael and his friends, the Electroclan, are on the run. But when they discover his mom is being held in a hyper-secure facility deep in the jungles of Peru, the Electroclan decides to rescue her, uncovering the malicious organization's plan for world domination in the process. Despite a shallow cast, the Electroclan's exciting adventures are entertaining.