Reviews for Farthest Shore

Horn Book Guide Reviews 2013 Spring
Earthsea fans will be drawn to these impressive new editions. Two different publishers have worked together to create a uniform cover design for the series. The paperbacks (and Houghton's hardcovers) contain a map and a new afterword by the author. [cf2]Tombs of Atuan[cf1] was a 1972 Newbery Honor book; [cf2]Farthest Shore[cf1] won the National Book Award; [cf2]Tehanu[cf1] received a Nebula Award. [Review covers these Earthsea Cycle titles: [cf2]A Wizard of Earthsea[cf1], [cf2]The Tombs of Atuan[cf1], [cf2]The Farthest Shore[cf1], [cf2]Tehanu[cf1], [cf2]Tales from Earthsea[cf1], and [cf2]The Other Wind[cf1].]