Reviews for Sky Is Everywhere

Horn Book Magazine Reviews 2010 #4
Seventeen-year-old Lennie (she was named after John Lennon), a gifted but unconfident clarinetist and secret poet, is utterly bereft when her vivacious, charismatic older sister, Bailey, dies suddenly. Gradually, she comes to realize that she's just as much a star as Bailey was; that she is sleepwalking through her own life and needs to wake up. In the end-after a few tortuous detours-true love does the trick. This impressive debut novel is simultaneously a very contemporary YA romance and an iconic fairy-tale retelling; narrator Whelan conveys both aspects in her flawless performance of Lennie's loaded-with-passion first-person narrative. Teen listeners looking for a novel that speaks to both head and heart will be entranced. Copyright 2010 Horn Book Magazine Reviews.