Reviews for Kidneys

Booklist Reviews 2010 September #2
In books from the Body Works series, each double-page spread introduces a new topic, such as the illnesses that affect the major organ discussed or the characteristics and functions of one of its parts. The books' widely spaced lines and very large type suggest a primary-grade audience, but the sometimes-challenging vocabulary makes them more suitable for older readers. The appended glossary of Kidneys defines terms such as acidic and blood vessels, while other terms (dialysis, glomerulus, nephron) are briefly explained in the text. Each page of text faces a full page of clear, colorful illustrations, usually one or two images, which might be photos of children, digital images of the organs or their parts (sometimes highly magnified views), or enlarged cross-sections of them. Though more complete labeling would have been helpful, these vivid images of organs are the most useful feature of the series.