Reviews for Friction and Gravity : Snowboarding Science

Booklist Reviews 2009 September #1
Figorito uses the sport of snowboarding as a framework to introduce the concepts of friction and gravity. Rather than overwhelming the reader with facts about the scientific principles, he integrates them into the text and further explains them in sidebar boxes. First, a little history: from Sherman Poppen's first wooden snowboard, the Snurfer, in 1965, snowboarding was adopted as an Olympic sport in 1995. Then, the science: full-color photographs demonstrate the physical principles involved in the sport. Part of the Science Scope series, the book might be better classified not with hard science but rather with extreme sports, where it would join a growing group of quality nonfiction on snowboarding, including biographies on Olympic snowboarder Shaun White. Includes a pronunciation glossary, table of contents, and index. Copyright 2009 Booklist Reviews.