Reviews for My First Trip to a Baseball Game

Booklist Reviews 2012 October #2
There's a first time for everything--and there's a probably a book to guide you through it. These four titles in the My First Adventures series use a simple, reassuring tone and bright cartoon illustrations to put the youngest readers at ease regarding new experiences. The multicultural families represented in the sunny cartoon illustrations are each a two-parent, one-child unit, and, boy oh boy, do they smile a lot. In fact, nearly every bystander in every situation is smiling, too. No, these aren't the books to softly warn of possible uncomfortable or stressful moments. Instead, they are fully positive, doesn't-this-look-fun offerings. Baseball Game teases the peripheral pleasures of a day at the diamond, including two distinct spreads for hot dogs and ice cream. It also supplies the briefest manual of the game in history: a guy throws a ball and another guy hits it. A tiny illustrated glossary concludes these becalming volumes. Copyright 2012 Booklist Reviews.