Reviews for Kids' Guide to Duct Tape Projects

Booklist Reviews 2012 February #2
The newest titles in the prolific Kids' Guides series offers up the basics on "some of the hottest topics around." Duct Tape includes every kid's go-to project--the wallet--but also outlines step-by-step instructions for simpler items, like a book cover, and more involved items, like a vest. A simple introduction to the basics of duct taping at the beginning of the book is helpful in ensuring your project won't take a turn for the sticky-wad worse. The information in each title is contained within text boxes, making for an easy reading experience. With "Fun Facts" and a variety of engaging visual material throughout, plus back matter that includes "Read More" and offers up websites to visit, kids will have no trouble discussing these hot topics around the school water fountain. Copyright 2012 Booklist Reviews.