Reviews for Kids' Guide to Balloon Twisting

Booklist Reviews 2011 September #1
Many of the volumes in the Kids' Guides series take on topics like aliens, mummies, and robots, but the series is at its best when leading readers through complicated activities. The Kids' Guide to Balloon Twisting is a perfect example. Rare is the kid not dazzled by the squeaking, twisting balloon maestros out there, and this brightly illustrated, step-by-step guide makes it easy--well, easy-ish. Lingo (like "burping") is explained, sizes of balloons are described, techniques are taught, and then comes the mostly two-page photo tutorials, leading from "Buzzing Bee" (looks pretty easy) to "One Cool Penguin" (oh, good lord). True, each end product looks like candy-colored sausage, but what kid would turn down a balloon sword or ray gun? Back matter of all volumes is basic but satisfactory. Copyright 2011 Booklist Reviews.