Reviews for Last Guardian

Booklist Reviews 2012 November #2
Bringing a long-running series to a close is always tricky--no fan is ever entirely happy after all that buildup. All in all, though, Colfer has rounded off this final book about the not-always-likable Artemis Fowl in a way readers will appreciate, right down to the clever last lines. The principle characters are all there, and the overall feeling is uncharacteristically touching. Don't worry--there's still all the adventure and snarkiness the series is known for: ingenious gadgets; humorous sidekicks, like the perpetually gassy Mulch Diggums; and faeries who kick . . . well, you know what. But this is an ending, after all. The plot centers around nemesis Opal Koboi's plot to open a gate that will release not only long-buried warrior faeries bent on revenge against the human race but actual Armageddon. The Fowl's Irish estate is at the center of the action, and Artemis, Holly, and Butler's plans fizzle until Colfer's antihero makes himself sacrificial bait. A definite winner. Copyright 2012 Booklist Reviews.

Horn Book Guide Reviews 2013 Spring
Artemis Fowl's pixie nemesis Opal Koboi reanimates a horde of spirit Berserkers to possess Artemis's four-year-old twin brothers and their nanny/bodyguard for the purpose of destroying humankind. Teen genius Artemis and his crew must out-think them all. This final volume has close-knit relationships, desperate last stands, and a gleeful penchant for utter destruction, sending the series off in high style.

VOYA Reviews 2012 October
In this final battle for our snarky Artemis Fowl, the goal is to rid his brothers of dead fairy spirits before sunrise. The spirits do not realize that this battle is actually long over, but that is what happens when the dead possess the living--they are not up to date on the current news. Artemis must turn once again to our favorite LEPrecon fairy, Holly, to join him if he wants to complete his mission. Of course his arch nemesis, Opal Koboi, is once again wreaking havoc on all things Artemis. The good news is that Artemis finally gets a clean bill of mental health, kind of. The ending goes places that few series have gone before Fans of Artemis Fowl will appreciate this eighth and final installment in the series. All the tongue in cheek humor and sarcastic wit and tone are present. Fairies aplenty abound, as does the mischief and mayhem that they bring. And anyone who has ever had an annoying younger sibling will appreciate the brothers Fowl. These books are written to be full of fun and adventure, and the Last Guardian succeeds. All the main characters play a part, which will satisfy fans. This should be in libraries with the previous seven books in the series.--Karen Jensen 3Q 4P M J S Copyright 2011 Voya Reviews.