Reviews for Heist Society

Booklist Reviews 2010 January #1
After a childhood spent assisting her father, one of the world's most talented art thieves, Katarina Bishop tries to leave the family business behind when she forges her way into a New England boarding school. She quickly discovers, though, that her past is inescapable. Her father has been accused of stealing already stolen masterpieces from a dangerous Italian billionaire. Certain that her father is innocent, Kat resolves to find the missing paintings and return them to their unsavory owner, who has given her a two-week deadline. Carter, the author of the Gallagher Girls series, skillfully maintains suspense as Kat assembles a team of teen accomplices, travels across Europe, and plots an impossible art heist to save her dad. This is a thoroughly enjoyable, cinema-ready adventure, and the details of thieving tools and techniques, lavish settings, and cast of eccentric characters, including possible spies and love interests, all add texture and depth to the action. Readers will hope for a sequel to answer the book's central mystery: if Kat's father isn't guilty, then who is? Copyright 2010 Booklist Reviews.

Horn Book Guide Reviews 2010 Fall
Fifteen-year-old Katarina swore that scamming her way into the prestigious Colgan School would be her last con. But when her father is framed for stealing a powerful criminal's paintings, Kat heads up a crew to find the art and get it back. Despite some unclear storytelling and flat characters, the book will be embraced by Carter's fans for its fast-paced world of high-stakes heists. Copyright 2010 Horn Book Guide Reviews.

Horn Book Guide Reviews 2012 Spring
Katarina, fifteen, and her con artist crew are tasked with stealing the Cleopatra Emerald--a well-secured and supposedly cursed gem--and returning it to its rightful owner...or so they think. When the team members discover they've been conned, they race to steal the emerald back before it's lost forever. Carter's chatty, humorous voice and cinematic prose bolster this jewel-thief thriller.

Publishers Weekly Reviews 2009 December #3

The daughter of notorious thieves, Kat Bishop has enrolled in the exclusive Colgan School to escape the family business and try to live a normal life. But when she is kicked out, Kat has to return to her roots. She is informed that five priceless paintings have been taken from the powerful mobster Arturo Taccone, and that her father is Taccone's only suspect. It is up to Kat to return the paintings before Taccone takes matters into his own hands. Kat embarks on a daring, dangerous heist, immersing herself in the world of art, money, and extreme power. With the help of her friend (and crush), Hale, and a band of teenage coconspirators, Kat crisscrosses the globe to locate Taccone's paintings. Carter takes on large themes--family, friendship, loyalty, and good versus evil--and effectively gives readers light lessons in geography and art, as well as thought-provoking commentary on artwork stolen during the Holocaust. With a smart and stealthy heroine who should appeal to Gallagher Girls fans, Carter's story is fast-paced and popcorn-ready. Readers will likely look forward to Kat's next adventure. Ages 11-up. (Feb.)

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School Library Journal Reviews 2010 June

Gr 6-10--Tired of her lifelong involvement in her family's illicit dealings, teenager Katarina Bishop enrolls herself in a prestigious boarding school. Then after a mere three months there, 16-year-old billionaire Hale arranges for her to get kicked out. He informs her that five paintings have been stolen from the menacing Arturo Taccone and that her father is the prime suspect. Determined to save him by locating the real thief and stealing the paintings back, Kat gathers a crack team of larcenous teens for the heist to be pulled off before the two-week deadline. However, her resolve falters when she learns that the paintings are Nazi war spoils. She negotiates complicated relationships in an action-packed plot, and the unknown identity of the thief suggests a sequel. This irresistible light-fingered fairy tale is elevated by glamour and mystery. Carter's style is conversational, smooth, and clever, exposing Kat's wry humor and her steely determination. Amid themes of family loyalty and identity, the protagonist comes to understand herself, her beliefs, and her place in her family. Daring, delicious, but filled with a sense of purpose, Heist Society mixes classic elements of the adolescent bildungsroman into a high-stakes escapade.--Caitlin Augusta, Stratford Library Association, CT

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School Library Journal Reviews 2011 November

Gr 7-10--After robbing the most secure museum in the world, Katrina Bishop, 15, has a reputation as a top thief. Unsure of what she wants to do with her talent, she has been avoiding family heists and striking out on her own to return priceless art to its rightful owners. When she is approached, however, about stealing the infamous Cleopatra Emerald, she finds herself tricked and her uncle's reasons for forbidding anyone to steal the precious gem coming to light. This is an exciting, entertaining read with a fast-moving plot, a spot of romance, and a strong and smart female protagonist. Readers will hope for another heist from Kat.--Clare A. Dombrowski, Amesbury Public Library, MA

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VOYA Reviews 2010 April
Kat Bishop wants to give up her life of crime, which began at age five when she assisted her father in a heist. She gets herself admitted to the exclusive Colgan School seeking anonymity only to get framed for hoisting the headmaster's 1958 vintage Porche on top of the fountain in the quad. Few people could pull off such a stunt, but fifteen-year-old Hale--also a thief--is one. When Kat is expelled from Colgan, Hale meets her in a long, black limousine with a proposition for her. She must steal back some paintings that her father allegedly lifted from gangster Arturo Taccone if she wants her father to remain among the living. Kat flies from New York to Paris to confront her father who has a steadfast alibi--he was in the midst of another heist at the time. Taccone refuses to believe this defense, however, so Kat recruits five teenagers amongst family and friends to pull the bravest heist ever. If one can suspend belief, this novel is enjoyable. The characters are funny, and the action is nonstop. The fifteen-year-old protagonists will appeal to teens--the light-fingered team hops planes like adults drive cars. Kat's teen angst about her looks when comparing herself to her peer jet-setting cousin Gabrielle and her feelings for Hale come through loud and clear. Although the protagonists are male and female, this novel will primarily draw in girls, as do Carter's other books. It will have a ready readership.--Ed Goldberg As enthralling as her last book, Heist Society will keep you turning the page until the end. The book is witty and comical, and you are rooting for Kat throughout the adventure. It shows the problems of growing up, family, and true friendship. It also gives insight on what happened to priceless paintings during World War II. I would recommend this book to girls who are interested in mysteries and realistic fiction. 3Q 5P--Nicole Drago, Teen Reviewer 3Q 4P M J Copyright 2010 Voya Reviews.