Reviews for Season for Scandal

Publishers Weekly Reviews 2013 September #1

Romain's third holiday historical (after Season for Surrender), set in 1819 London, introduces a dark suspense element. Thomas Turner, a nefarious ex-convict, is bent on destroying the marriage and the reputation of Edmund Ware, Baron Kirkpatrick, and his wife, Jane. The Wares' marriage is built upon a shaky foundation--Jane needs her dowry to settle a massive gambling debt--but they secretly harbor deep, heartfelt feelings for each other. They just need to overcome their respective personal problems and mutual feelings of unworthiness. Before they can even begin, Thomas, passing himself off as a distant friend of Jane's mother, finagles his way into Jane's good graces. Edmund fears the man will indeed ruin him by way of her, because for all appearances she is beguiled. Meanwhile, the marriage begins to unravel. Romain has plenty of wit, but not enough to overcome an insipid plot. Agent: Paige Wheeler, Folio Literary Management. (Oct.)

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