Reviews for Council of Mirrors

Booklist Reviews 2012 July #1
Buckley finishes off his popular Sisters Grimm series with a leisurely but rousingly destructive battle between the small band of folktale characters still loyal to the Grimm descendants and the much larger metafictional army led by Mirror, who is bent on escaping the magical confines of Ferryport Landing to conquer the world with magic. Things don't look good. While Sabrina and Daphne have on their side an encouraging prophecy from a collection of freshly rebooted magic mirrors, Mirror is endowed with awesome magical powers, not to mention an ally in Prince Charming's despicable and seemingly invulnerable older brother, Atticus. Yet, after much bloodletting (the casualty list includes the likes of Tik-Tok, Gepetto, Friar Tuck, and the seventh dwarf, among many others), the Grimms prevail. Ferguson's occasional illustrations add notes of murky menace and violence, but the tone at the end is lightened by a buoyant pair of Harry Potter-style tail pieces that carry the adult Sabrina through her wedding (series fans will guess to whom) to a years-later chat with her adolescent daughters on their fairy heritage. Copyright 2012 Booklist Reviews.

Horn Book Guide Reviews 2012 Fall
The final installment in the Grimm sisters' adventures finds Daphne forming a coven of witches and Sabrina marshaling a ragtag band of Everafters to defeat Mirror and his Scarlet Hand gang. Though the plot is unwieldy, this book (like the others) shines when it's manipulating familiar fairy tales, with Snow White and her mother getting the treatment here.