Reviews for Shaun of the Dead

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A huge hit in England and a shoe-in for instant cult-classic status stateside, Shaun of the Dead is a hysterical dual-genre spoof about a 29-year-old London layabout who sees a zombie outbreak as his big chance to win back his peeved, reliability-seeking girlfriend by coming to her rescue--a plan he manages to screw up in every conceivable way. Writers Edgar Wright (who directs) and Simon Pegg (who plays the title character) have labeled their flick a "zom-rom-com" (zombie romantic comedy), and they delight in taking wickedly funny potshots at all the clichés that inspired them, beginning with the morning Shaun wakes up too hung over to notice the city is teeming with flesh-starved ghouls. Eventually he catches on and sets out, with a cricket bat and his couch-potato roommate, to round up his mum and his ex (Kate Ashfield) so they can fortify themselves inside--where else?--his favorite pub. It's a terrible strategy (especially since he drags the chagrined girlfriend away from a virtually impregnable high-rise apartment), but that's part of the joke. An enjoyably low-budget endeavor, packed with hilarious homages, well-delivered one-liners, and slack-jawed double takes from its comedically gifted cast, this is recommended. (R. Blackwelder) Copyright Video Librarian Reviews 2005.