Reviews for Claire de Lune

Booklist Reviews 2010 May #2
On their sixteenth birthdays, the women in Claire's family begin a three-month transformation into werewolves--a secret kept from the girls until they turn 16. Beginning with Claire's suburban birthday party--which is abruptly broken up by a werewolf attack in another part of town, causing panicked parents to demand that their teens get home at once--Johnson spins out an engaging and provocative riff on the werewolf tradition. Are they intrinsically antihuman? Bloodthirsty? Due the same respect other animals should receive in laboratory situations? Those questions are underscored by a romance between Claire and Matthew, the son of the prime public-hysteria-provoking werewolf hunter. Smooth writing and engaging main characters make for an easy read, while a feminist focus offers just a bit more for thoughtful readers. The red herrings aren't particularly deluding, but bypassing them doesn't frustrate either. A good summer read for the romantically concerned and monster-obsessed midteen girl. Copyright 2009 Booklist Reviews.

Horn Book Guide Reviews 2010 Fall
Claire learns she is a werewolf just as a rogue wolf stalks her town. Meanwhile, her new boyfriend's father leads the crusade to exterminate the wolves. Claire's loyalties are torn between her pack and her boyfriend, her wolf instincts and her desire to be normal. Even pacing and consistent fantasy logic make the book a solid choice for fans of supernatural romance. Copyright 2010 Horn Book Guide Reviews.

Kirkus Reviews 2010 April #2
An enjoyable if forgettable supernatural romance, this debut novel will be appreciated by teens who can't get enough of the genre. Soon after Claire turns 16, she discovers that the itchy hands and ears plaguing her of late are due not to a rash but to her burgeoning transformation into a werewolf. Her somewhat emotionally distant mother explains that the women in their family are part of a long tradition of loup-garou that she must now join. Complicating matters is Claire's newfound relationship with a sweet, gentle guy who is the son of a zealous scientist bent on curing werewolves of their affliction, even if it means killing them. A series of murders being committed by a rogue wolf builds a satisfying degree of suspense, there is a nicely constructed red herring and the unadorned, simple writing style works well. Claire is a sympathetic character, though her love interest seems too idealized and one-dimensional and the conclusion entirely too tidy--in the end, there is not much to set apart this reworking of a familiar idea. (Supernatural romance. 12 & up) Copyright Kirkus 2010 Kirkus/BPI Communications.All rights reserved.

Publishers Weekly Reviews 2010 April #4

Johnson's debut--her take on the popular werewolf lit genre--glimmers with mystery and a budding romance amid Romeo and Juliet-like complications. Claire is finally starting to feel like a normal teenager. It's her 16th birthday, popular kids have shown up at her pool party, and wicked cute Matthew seems to like her. Then Claire discovers the family secret--she and her mother are werewolves. It's an especially inopportune revelation, since a rogue werewolf is killing people in town and Matthew's father, a member of the Federal Human Protection Agency, is leading the charge to capture and "cure" lycanthropes. Claire's feelings for Matthew are too strong for her to obey her mother's order to stop seeing him, and her secrets keep piling up as her full transformation approaches. With Claire's local pack on the hunt for the rogue and an innocent werewolf in danger, things accelerate quickly as the next full moon approaches. Claire's supportive relationship with Matthew is downright enviable, and her struggle to adjust and integrate the two sides of her life rounds out a satisfying story. Ages 12-up. (May)

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School Library Journal Reviews 2010 April

Gr 7 Up--For Claire Benoit, life in Hanover Falls has been pretty normal and uneventful. But all that changes on the night of her 16th birthday when she discovers a secret that will change her world forever. Her mother explains that she is a werewolf, descended from an extensive line of strong, female wolves. After being introduced to the pack, Claire learns that her full change will occur at the next full moon when she will be initiated into the pack. Claire has never been close to her mother, so this revelation leaves her totally lost and alone. Struggling with her new identity, she turns to Matthew, the charming, hunky soccer star who has been recently flirting with her. As their relationship begins to heat up, events seem to work against them. Werewolf attacks are occurring at an alarming rate in Hanover Falls, creating a state of panic. This unrest is further fueled by Matthew's father, who is a lycanthropy scientist and has organized the hunt for the rogue werewolf. Overwhelmed with trying to balance her old and new life, Claire must make decisions that alter her behavior and have ramifications for her future. Johnson weaves a page-turning tale of forbidden love, loyalty, friendship, and deception that will leave readers eager for more. Strong characters and major plot twists coupled with a new twist on werewolf mythology make this a fun and entertaining read that will satisfy fans of the genre.--Donna Rosenblum, Floral Park Memorial High School, NY

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