Reviews for Action! : Writing Your Own Play

Booklist Reviews 2011 March #2
Two new entries in the picture-book-size Writer's Toolbox series explore two very different mediums--plays and comics--but, taken together, underscore the importance of basic fundamentals in effective writing. Both books combine original artwork and a number of "Tools" to get the creative juices flowing. Action! uses the classic story of John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt to illuminate the 14 tools budding playwrights should keep in their arsenal, ranging from suggestions to plan out and cast your story first, to tips about stage directions, dialogue, and props. Throughout, Beacon's art depicts scenes of the two J. J. J. Schmidts engaged in goofy high jinks alongside excerpts from the script. A handful of "Getting Started Exercises" provide even more fodder for artistic inspiration in these genuinely good-natured and helpful introductions to creative writing. Copyright 2011 Booklist Reviews.