Reviews for Lemons And Lemonade : A Book About Supply And Demand

School Library Journal Reviews 2005 September

Gr 3-5 -In Cash , a back-to-school shopping trip offers opportunities for a father and his son and daughter to discuss methods of payment and corresponding banking terms, like PIN and ATM. Loewen includes savvy consumer advice through piggy-bank sidebars on most of the spreads. While Karly is setting up a small business in Lemons , she consequently learns the laws of supply and demand. Interjections of humor make a dry subject more palatable: "Mom smiled. ‘You did great. That money is called your gross profit.' ‘Gross?' said Karly. ‘I don't think so!'" The importance of saving, spending, and giving donations to charity is explained through the eyes of Sam and Josie when they receive their allowances in Save . Flat, digitally prepared cartoons and graphic endnotes enliven all three narratives and make the explanations more concrete for children.-Tanaz Sutaria, John Gomes Elementary, Fremont, CA

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