Reviews for Should I Play the Piano?

Horn Book Guide Reviews 2007 Spring
Operating on the theme that "music brings people together," these volumes introduce the histories, styles, technical details, and famous players of various musical instruments. The unfocused and sometimes redundant narratives wander, but instrument diagrams are concise and useful. "Recordings to Listen To" suggests particular versions of pieces for that instrument in different genres (usually classical, jazz, and one or two others). Reading list, timeline, websites. Glos., ind. [Review covers these Learning Musical Instruments titles: [cf2]Should I Play the Flute?[cf1], [cf2]Should I Play the Piano?[cf1], [cf2]Should I Play the Drums?[cf1], [cf2]Should I Play the Trumpet?[cf1], [cf2]Should I Play the Clarinet?[cf1], [cf2]Should I Play the Guitar?[cf1], and [cf2]Should I Play the Violin?[cf1]] Copyright 2007 Horn Book Guide Reviews.

School Library Journal Reviews 2007 February
Gr 3-5-These volumes all begin with the question, "Why do people play musical instruments?" and conclude with a chapter on how a child could go about learning to play. A history of each instrument leads directly into a discussion of how its sound is created and its placement in a musical family. Following chapters reveal the role of that instrument in larger ensembles and include helpful hints (visually eye-catching in blue boxes) and quotations or facts: "the word tabla comes from the Arabic word tabl, meaning "drum." Artists featured have a wide range of styles-from pianist-composer Clara Schumann to drummer Buddy Rich, flutist James Galway, jazz and classical trumpet player Wynton Marsalis, and pianist-songwriter Norah Jones. A labeled diagram with a description of physical interaction between artist and instrument clarifies the concepts for beginners. With their reader-friendly format, excellent color photographs and drawings, annotated discographies, and time lines of the instruments' historical use, these are excellent resources for beginning musicians.-Mary Elam, Forman Elementary School, Plano, TX Copyright 2007 Reed Business Information.