Reviews for Unicorn Thief

Horn Book Guide Reviews 2014 Fall
When the unicorn thief menacing Terracornus comes to Earth and steals Ben's unicorn Indy, Ben and Twig must travel to Terracornus to beg for the tyrant queen's help. In doing so, however, they may start a war. The quick pace draws the reader in, but Russell relies too much on knowledge of the first series book for characterization and for contextualization of plot.

Kirkus Reviews 2014 May #1
In the sequel to Wonder Light (2013), Twig and Ben continue to protect the last free unicorn herd, on Washington's Lonehorn Island.However, someone is mysteriously stealing unicorns, including the queen's, in the linked—via a doorway in a tree—world of Terracornus. Ben is unconcerned until his own beloved unicorn, Indy, disappears back to perilous, war-threatened Terracornus. Ben and Twig search for Indy, led by her young unicorn, Wonder. They're taken prisoner by the conniving queen of Westland, who plays a significant role in the plot but whose motivation remains murky. While she clearly doesn't intend to help them on their quest, crown prince Griffin unexpectedly comes to the aid of the pair, leading to a duel against the Boy King of Eastland in treacherous Death Swamp. Ben and Twig plan to cross the swamp in a wooden pirogue large enough to hold them and their unicorns—but, implausibly, light enough for the two of them to carry. Many ancillary characters remain underdeveloped. Action scenes are gripping, but worldbuilding is neither especially inventive nor completely persuasive, with back story inserted rather than integrated into the narrative. Bafflingly, too little of the magic of unicorns is depicted.But readers of the first will need to read this effort, and a third part seems sure to follow. (Fantasy. 10-14) Copyright Kirkus 2014 Kirkus/BPI Communications.All rights reserved.