Reviews for Green Lantern 1 : Sinestro

Booklist Reviews 2012 July #1
Following the events of the "War of the Green Lanterns" story line, the Guardians of the Universe have stripped Earth's Green Lantern, Hal Jordan, of his power ring. As Jordan adjusts to a mundane life on Earth and attempts to repair his relationship with longtime girlfriend Carol Ferris, the renegade Green Lantern Sinestro discovers that his former army has enslaved his home planet, Korugar. Sinestro offers Jordan a replacement power ring of his own creation on the condition that he assist his former foe in retaking his planet. Writer Johns takes the bold step of bringing the villainous Sinestro to the fore in this story arc, relegating Jordan, who has been the flagship Green Lantern ever since the series was launched more than five decades ago, to the background. Mahnke's artwork, while not particularly distinctive, has a welcome clarity that's lacking in too many contemporary superhero comics. Although last summer's film adaptation fizzled commercially and critically, Green Lantern remains one of DC Comics' most popular characters, guaranteeing demand for this latest collection, the first since the company relaunched its entire superhero line last year. Copyright 2012 Booklist Reviews.