Reviews for Fables : Animal Farm

Booklist Reviews 2003 October #1
Although quite political, the second story-arc (as they felicitously call a plot in comics land) from Willingham's Fables comics isn't a version of Orwell's political parable. In it the scene shifts from the New York enclave of the human Fableland exiles to the upstate farm their animal and insufficiently human-appearing fellows inhabit. Snow White, who runs things for King Cole, makes her biannual farm visit, with fractious sister Rose Red in tow. There they find manager Weyland Smith nowhere in evidence and many nonhuman Fables talking up repatriating Fableland by force. What has actually happened is a still-covert coup led by animal-rights-spouting revolutionary Goldilocks. Snow and Rose get significantly up a creek before learning what's afoot from loyal Reynard, who, though a genuine fox, isn't above ogling those of other species. Despite some grisly developments, including a black-hand-style murder and a nearly successful assassination, this is about as much fun, if as conventional-comics looking, as Fables: Legends in Exile [BKL F 1 03]. ((Reviewed October 1, 2003)) Copyright 2003 Booklist Reviews