Reviews for And Then Comes Marriage

Booklist Reviews 2013 August #1
Castor Worthington has shared many things with his identical twin, Pollux, but he is drawing the line at Miranda Talbot. Poll may have met the beautiful widow first, but as far as Cas is concerned, Miranda is fair romantic game. Free to manage her own household affairs as well as indulge in an affair of a different kind, Miranda can't believe it when not just one but both of the Worthington twins begin seriously courting her. The twins are very different men, which will make choosing between them one of the most difficult decisions Miranda has ever made in her life. In her typical mad-literary-genius fashion, Bradley cleverly concocts the second installment in her Regency-set Worthington series, and the end result is one of the most wonderfully original and wildly entertaining romances of the year. Written with a effervescent sense of wit and richly imbued with a surfeit of steamy sensuality, And Then Comes Marriage is too good to miss. Copyright 2013 Booklist Reviews.