Reviews for Secrets of Lost Cats : One Woman, Twenty Posters, and a New Understanding of Love

Booklist Reviews 2013 September #1
*Starred Review* A lost-cat poster is an invitation to care about a missing loved one. So begins Davidson's exploration of the stories she discovers behind the lost-cat posters she began to notice everywhere after she lost her own cat, Zak. A psychotherapist, Davidson often found Zak in her office with her clients, and after she found him again, she realized that she wanted to pass on the support she'd received while Zak was missing. What follows are 20 stories (2 of which are about Zak) of lost cats and their owners. Each story is illustrated with the lost-cat poster, from which the author initially deduced information about the owner (terse descriptions are by males, words like heartbroken denote females), followed by the stories told to her by the cats' owners. Interwoven with tales such as the mystery of Shelby's escape, of Joe caught in a garage awaiting rescue for three days after he was discovered, and of Bailey, stolen by a neighbor, are Davidson's musings about love and relationships, anecdotes from her practice that gave her insights, and ultimately a road map of the journey she took as she learned about the inevitability of change. Cats serve as a metaphor for this change. As she so aptly phrases it, "I lost my cat--I found my cat." A little gem. Copyright 2013 Booklist Reviews.

Publishers Weekly Reviews 2013 May #3

When therapist Davidson's cat Zak went missing, she reacted by setting off on an intense search. Her efforts were met with more success than she anticipated; not only did she recover Zak, she also gained insight about her neighbors, and a curiosity about the other lost pets whose posters she saw. What followed was an exploration of the people and animals behind all the other lost pet posters in her neighborhood. The resulting book is a collection of 20 case studies, each named after a different cat. Not all the stories end as happily as Davidson's, and even hers is touched by inevitable cat mortality. However, each of the brief glimpses into cat owners' lives proves captivating. Davidson has an engaging writing style and clever concept; people's relationships with pets can reveal much about their personalities, and how a pet owner reacts when his or her pet is suddenly lost can be even more illuminating. Davidson has taken a narrow interest--cat ownership--and used it to examine human nature. Agent: Stephen Barr, Writers House. (July)

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