Reviews for Origin of Life on Earth : An African Creation Myth

School Library Journal Reviews 1992 July
Gr 2-6-- This Yeruba creation myth begins in the heavenly court of the all-powerful and his agents, male and female orishas. All the orishas are content, save one named Obtala, whose wondering impels him to employ his power in some meaningful way. He prepares thoughtfully for this work, aided by his fellow orishas, and descends from heaven on a golden chain. He takes soil that has been sown with the personality of the orishas and forms humans in his own image,``carefully and lovingly,'' so that the resulting creatures (even the imperfect ones) are ``beautiful to behold.'' The all-powerful then brings them to life and sets the earth spinning, completing this noble, reverent, and positive tale. In the colorful illustrations, glowing with hot yellow and sapphire, ebony silhouettes are effectively set off by elegant, vibrantly patterned clothing and gold ornaments. The bright backgrounds recall batiked African textiles. This story's themes of determination, effort, generosity, and the sacredness of life, as well as the attractive art, extend its appeal beyond myth, religion, or ethic collections. --Patricia Dooley, Univ . of Washington, Seattle Copyright 1992 Cahners Business Information.