Reviews for International Holidays : 204 Countries from 1994 Through 2015 : With Tabular Appendices of Religious Holidays, 1900-2100

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A reference listing national holidays from 205 countries from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. Every day (including those on which no holiday is celebrated) from 1994 through 2015 is covered, including religious, government, and so-called "soft" holidays such as Valentine's Day. Appendices list countries honoring common multinational and religious holidays and provide a country-by-country breakdown of celebrated holidays. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.

Choice Reviews 1995 September
Weaver's accurately named work is primarily a calendar listing daily international holidays, 1994-2015. Appendixes cover fixed and algorithmic holidays by country, with a table of dates for selected algorithmic holidays through the year 2100. There is an index to each country and its holidays, plus an alphabetical index. The introduction indicates that the book is intended for business people and travelers wishing to avoid the inconvenience caused by ignorance of a country's holidays. Even given this specialized focus, the book fits such a narrow niche that its value seems questionable; any traveler who buys a reasonably complete travel guide for the country to be visited will find detailed holiday information in it, as well as background on festivals, which are not covered here. The book may be slightly more useful as a quick reference to business persons. Furthermore, its ambitious chronological scope may prove the seed of its own obsolescence: world political events being what they are, it is not certain, for example, that Cuba will still be celebrating Revolution Day in 2012. This book covers more international holidays than Chase's Annual Events (1984- ), but without that work's annotations and coverage of festivals. Libraries that receive Chase's may not find this a necessary purchase. General collections. Copyright 1999 American Library Association

Library Journal Reviews 1995 May
This reference is strictly a large almanac in which to look up the date of future celebrations around the world; if, for example, you wish to know when Garifuna Day in Belize will fall in 2014, this is the source to consult. The organization is by month and year through 2015, with each country's holidays noted by day of the month. No further information is given, eliminating this as a source for researching the background of any particular holiday. Appendixes list fixed multinational holidays, algorithmic, selected algorithmic from 1900 to 2100, and an index by country. From his introduction, it appears that the primary intent of the author is to assist the international business community, but even he includes a disclaimer that one should consult current sources for recent developments. It should not be assumed that this title will be useful through 2015; new holidays will arise, names will change, and new countries will be proclaimed. Questions concerning U.S. holidays would be better answered with Chase's Annual Events (Contemporary Bks.) or a simple almanac. The Gale Holidays and Anniversaries of the World (LJ 3/1/90; third edition due 1996) is a chronology and more expensive, but it includes one-sentence explanations for most events. This will be a marginal purchase for most libraries but should be considered by those serving large foreign-born or ethnic populations.?James Moffet, Baldwin P.L., Birmingham, Mich. Copyright 1995 Cahners Business Information.