Reviews for Coin Counting Book

Booklist Monthly Selections - #1 March 2001
Ages 4-8. Counting coins in rhymes makes this introductory concept book fun as well as instructive. A former elementary school teacher, Williams identifies and counts coinage and presents equivalent values with jingles that encourage youngsters to chime in and add up the answers. Uncluttered photographs display how 5 pennies add up to a nickel, and how five groups of 5 pennies can be traded for a quarter. Counted by 10s, 100 pennies add up to a dollar, as do 20 nickels, 10 dimes, etc. Concluding with a picture of coins being dropped into a piggy bank, with some set aside to be spent, this valuable teaching tool can easily lead into lessons on what these coins can buy. ((Reviewed March 1, 2001)) Copyright 2001 Booklist Reviews

Horn Book Guide Reviews 2001 Fall
This concept book introduces the value of coins--from a penny to a dollar--by showing equivalencies among the different denominations, for example: ""Two dimes and a nickel / Make one quarter, too. / So do five nickels, / Five nickels for you!"" Sharp photographic images of coins (which are the same size as their real counterparts) are helpful visuals, but they don't compensate for the text's forced rhymes. Copyright 2001 Horn Book Guide Reviews

School Library Journal Reviews 2001 May
Gr 1-3-Simple rhymes and large, clear photographs instruct children in coin denominations, grouping, and counting. The text begins with an introduction to pennies and soon adds nickels and dimes, quarters, and half dollars to show how larger denominations take form. Coins are arranged in sets with visual equations illustrating their mathematical equivalents. By the book's end, children are asked to think of the many ways a dollar is made (100 pennies, 4 quarters, etc.). Both teachers and parents will find this book valuable as an introductory lesson on money.-Ilene Abramson, Los Angeles Public Library Copyright 2001 Cahners Business Information.