Reviews for Product Safety Excellence : The Seven Elements Essential for Product Liability Prevention

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Pine, a quality engineer and safety manager who is associated with a consulting company specializing in product safety solutions and other areas and has worked in global safety, quality, and compliance, identifies seven elements (and the tools and processes that make up each element) needed by management and technical personnel in consumer product companies to achieve a system of product safety performance that results in product liability prevention, product quality improvement, and higher levels of consumer trust and loyalty. They consist of using knowledge resources in technical collaboration; achieving inherently safe designs through concept evaluation; design qualification (confirming safety, reliability, and manufacturability); supplier qualification (verifying capabilities, capacities, controls, and commitment); product qualification (documenting design and process and testing conformance); verifying supplier quality process performance; and strategic auditing by monitoring, confirming, and improving effectiveness of prevention systems. There is no bibliography. Annotation ©2012 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (