Reviews for Who Stole Uncle Sam?

Booklist Reviews 2008 September #1
Middle-school detective Alex, his cat, and his friend Yasmeen, first met in Who Stole Halloween? (2005), return to solve another mystery. The complicated plot involves Alex's baseball coach, who disappears in a possible kidnapping and then turns up later, dazed and confused. Alex and Yasmeen track suspects in the mysterious case, including eco-terrorists, and follow all the red herrings until the surprising and somewhat goofy ending. Although the story isn't tightly constructed, this humorous, fast-moving mystery will offer lots of fun for fans of the series. Copyright 2008 Booklist Reviews.

Horn Book Guide Reviews 2009 Spring
Coach Banner steps inside a Porta Potty to change into his Uncle Sam costume before the annual Memorial Day race--then seemingly vanishes. Freeman takes her time building up to his mysterious disappearance, and she lobs a lot of balls into the air here (Vietnam War, lawn-care chemicals, baseball), but her super-sleuths Alex and Yasmeen, lively and likable as ever, keep readers hooked. Copyright 2009 Horn Book Guide Reviews.

Kirkus Reviews 2008 July #1
Although they agreed never to try to solve mysteries again, Alex and Yasmeen can't resist when Sam Banner, Alex's baseball coach, disappears into a porta potty and reappears only after the game, the team's first win of the season. It seems to have been a kidnapping; the kid sleuths received a ransom note. But the victim has returned and the police, including Alex's detective mother, have moved on to other cases. This third in the Chickadee Court series of holiday mysteries takes place in small-town Pennsylvania between Memorial Day, marked by the accidental explosion of the town fireworks shed, and the real fireworks of the Fourth of July. Wound into the well-paced narrative are questions about professionalism in youth baseball, references to the protests of the 1960s and the harm lawn chemicals may be doing to the Chesapeake Bay today--and plenty of false leads. Readers starting the series here will certainly want to celebrate other holidays with Alex, his neighbor Yasmeen, his detective cat Luau and their friends. Fine fare for summer reading. (Mystery. 9-12) Copyright Kirkus 2008 Kirkus/BPI Communications. All rights reserved.

School Library Journal Reviews 2009 January

Gr 4-6--Best friends Alex and Yasmeen once again use their detective skills to unmask a criminal. This time, the book centers around Memorial Day, and the misdeed in question is the kidnapping of an Uncle Sam impersonator who is also Alex's baseball coach and co-owner of a lawn-care business that uses a possibly dangerous chemical. The plot depends mostly on humorous misunderstandings to draw readers into the story, but its most winning feature is Alex's narration, which always sums things up in a funny, kid-friendly way. This fast-paced read packs in quick treatments of deeper topics like environmental terrorism, the Vietnam War, and civil disobedience. An appealing choice for mystery fans.--Emily R. Brown, Providence Public Library, RI

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