Reviews for Revenge of the McNasty Brothers

Horn Book Guide Reviews 2006 Fall
Protecting LA with his third-grade sidekick Candace, fledgling superhero Melvin Beederman has x-ray vision and can stop a speeding train (eventually). The two battle the McNasty Brothers and try to avoid their crippling weakness: bologna. Young readers will enjoy the goofy humor but may tire of the repetitious, cliched exclamations ("Holy skyscrapers, indeed!"). Comic book-style illustrations contribute to the over-the-top tone. [Review covers these Melvin Beederman Superhero titles: [cf2]The Curse of the Bologna Sandwich[cf1] and [cf2]The Revenge of the McNasty Brothers[cf1].] Copyright 2006 Horn Book Guide Reviews.

School Library Journal Reviews 2006 May

Gr 2-4 -Melvin Beederman, graduate of the Superhero Academy, is sent by Headmaster Spinner to Los Angeles, a city in desperate need of a superhero. Although not perfect (he usually needs five or six tries to leap tall buildings and his X-ray vision causes him to see everyone's underwear), Melvin is a force to be reckoned with. In Curse , he meets Candace Brinkwater when the cleaners accidentally send his superhero cape home with her. They agree to work together to take on the evil (and odoriferous) McNasty brothers. When the villains attempt to sap his strength with bologna (Melvin's weakness), the superhero overcomes them, and, in an action-packed chase, stops a speeding train (with a little help from Candace) and takes them to the police. In Revenge , the superheroes once again foil the McNasty family when the siblings break out of jail. When Melvin and Candace are imprisoned in a warehouse with 6000 pounds of bologna, all seems lost. In the end, however, they are able to think their way out of the dilemma and, once again, defeat the McNastys. The black-and-white cartoons lend action and humor to the already rollicking text. Trine and Montijo have given readers an appealing superhero and his trusty assistant. These delightfully entertaining adventure stories are a must-have for most libraries.-Rebecca Sheridan, Easttown Library & Information Center, Berwyn, PA

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