Reviews for Black Sphere

Booklist Reviews 2009 February #1
When an explosion in Switzerland kills a small group of scientists working toward a phenomenal breakthrough in energy, British intelligence agents seem unable to act effectively. Luckily, three 14-year-olds are on the scene. Andrew, Will, and Gaia once again put their knowledge, courage, and high-tech gadgetry to the test in the third STORM series adventure. Clearly delineated and surprisingly convincing, the three main characters are brave, smart, and vulnerable. As it should in a thriller, the slowly developing love interest takes a back seat to the action. An illustrated guide to the gadgets is appended. Great fun for STORM fans. Copyright 2009 Booklist Reviews.

Kirkus Reviews 2009 February #2
James Bond's Q would have been delighted with this engaging series focused on three intelligent, daring and technologically astute teens. Will, Andrew and Gaia are back in their third adventure, this time called into action to help the niece of a scientist who died while working on a top-secret project of worldwide importance. It isn't long before they are on their way from England to Switzerland, following one lead after another on the trail of a ruthless megalomaniac determined to control the world's energy supplies. With some behind-the-scenes assistance from Will's soon-to-be step-grandfather, an ex-KGB agent still in Russia, as well as their friend Barrington from MI-6, they let nothing stand in their way of getting to the truth…even if it means outsmarting assassins, ducking flying laser Frisbees and avoiding robot surveillance everywhere. This action-packed series entry holds up and stays relevant by focusing on developing technology, key issues of today and tomorrow and characters that are increasingly three-dimensional. This series is a satisfying ride for all concerned, leaving readers with a sense of happy anticipation for the next installment. (Thriller. 10-14) Copyright Kirkus 2009 Kirkus/BPI Communications.All rights reserved.

School Library Journal Reviews 2009 September

Gr 5-9--Summer in London has begun to seem routine following the stimulating events of Christmas in St. Petersburg in The Infinity Code and Easter in Venice in The Ghost Machine (both Dial, 2008). STORM's three genius 14-year-olds are occupying themselves with their "normal" day-to-day activities such as working with the British Government to create a mind-altering spray, creating exploding ink, or hacking into printers across the UK to prove that secret documents can be stolen from a safe distance. When Will sneaks into an international conference to test some of his new inventions, he, Gaia, and Andrew are kidnapped. Their abductor, Abigail Pope, reveals that her uncle was one of six scientists working on a top-secret project. He is now the only surviving scientist from the group, but seems to be missing. Abigail hires STORM to locate and bring her uncle to safety. Young intersperses the teens' ensuing adventure in Interlaken, Switzerland, with new and interesting inventions like "Hard Wear" (body armor), an Invisible Glove, and cockroaches with built-in listening devices. These 14-year-olds climb mountains, blow up restaurants, make deals with ex-mercenaries, maneuver hydrospeed boards through dangerous caves, and discover more about their own abilities and relationships along the way. YAs will once again be sucked right into the secret-agent world of STORM. Well written and containing real explanations for the inspirations for all of the science and technology, this installment in the series is an excellent addition.--Jessica Miller, New Britain Public Library, CT

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VOYA Reviews 2009 April
STORM, an organization made up of three genius teenagers who help solve some of the world's problems, returns for the third installment of this action-suspense series. The group is called in to investigate when five of six top scientists are killed while working on a secret project. When the trio travels to Switzerland, they soon find that the surviving scientist has discovered the secret to cold fusion. This scientific breakthrough has the potential to make the person or country who possess it very powerful and wealthy. Inventor Will, explosives expert Gaia, and computer wizard Andrew get help from MI6 and a retired mercenary. This scientific discovery proves so powerful that companies and countries are willing to do anything to obtain it, and the three must fight to find the scientist and ensure that this powerful scientific knowledge does not fall into the wrong hands Fans of the first two STORM books will not be disappointed here. Known for gadgets based on real inventions, this novel has several, including Hard Wear, Brain Strain and Eye Spy. Even specially rigged cockroaches make up one of the inventions. Young's latest book has more suspense, more action, and a touch more violence than her previous efforts. This novel also has a more interesting plotline--one that young readers will surely follow to the climax. Young continues to elbow her way into a crowded field of teen spy novels, and this title will intrigue those who appreciate that genre. Readers looking for an engaging mix of smart teen characters, a heavy dose of action and suspense, and ingenious inventions need not look anywhere else.--Jeff Mann 4Q 4P M J Copyright 2009 Voya Reviews.