Reviews for Super Guinea Pig to the Rescue

Booklist Reviews 2007 October #1
A guinea pig faces a reality check in this charmingly illustrated tale. A canary, a hound dog, a goldfish ("blub"), and a guinea pig enjoy watching TV together. The guinea pig especially adores his TV hero, Super Guinea Pig--insisting that he's real and his best friend. But trying to prove that to his other buddies fails, so the guinea pig takes on the role himself--clad in a red napkin and a black mask. The charade ends when he falls in the fishbowl, requiring heroic (and humiliating) rescue by the hound dog. Using lively language, Weigelt compassionately and humorously relates the guinea pig's earnest efforts, as expressive watercolor-and-acrylic illustrations show characters and events from a variety of perspectives. Children will chuckle at the animals' interactions and affectionate, sometimes indulgent friendship; they'll also understand that, in the end, there's much to be said for real friends. Copyright 2007 Booklist Reviews.

Kirkus Reviews 2007 September #2
In this pointed fable, a guinea pig figures out that real friends are better than an imaginary one--even when the latter is a superhero. Incensed when the other household pets pooh-pooh Super Guinea Pig, his beloved TV hero, a guinea pig dons cape, mask and persona in an effort to impress them. This has the opposite effect--but when his attempt to buckle some swash causes him to fall into the fishbowl, it's not his furry idol who comes to the rescue. Suddenly the shine is off the hero-worship, and all ends in renewed domestic amity. Weigelt leaves readers to figure out the moral on their own, and Spranger supplies big, bright cartoon figures that, despite staring eyes, provide plenty of visual appeal. A tale to share during TV Turnoff Week, perhaps. (Picture book. 6-8) Copyright Kirkus 2007 Kirkus/BPI Communications. All rights reserved.

School Library Journal Reviews 2007 October

PreS-Gr 2-- The Cohen family pets-a canary, an old dog, a guinea pig, and a goldfish-live in a house where the TV is always on. The guinea pig adores Super Guinea Pig to the Rescue and believes that its hero will come to his aid if called upon. To prove it to the other animals, he attempts to summon his idol, but to no avail. In a flash of inspiration, he assembles a disguise from a napkin and a sock and pretends to be Super Guinea Pig. The gentle amusement of his friends sends him into a frustrated rage, one that children will be able to relate to, and he accidentally topples into the goldfish bowl. Saved by the dog (and not his TV hero), the guinea pig is embarrassed, but makes up with his friends after thinking things through. Engaging illustrations done in watercolor and acrylic paint enhance the narrative. The layout emphasizes the action and has a well-considered use of background white space. Each animal's quirky personality is revealed through its expressive features. Told with a light touch, the story offers fodder for initiating conversations with youngsters about too much television watching, hero worship, learning how to handle embarrassment and disappointment, and appreciating real friends at least as much as imaginary ones.--Susan Moorhead, New Rochelle Public Library, NY

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