Reviews for Visual Dictionary of Human Anatomy

School Library Journal Reviews 1996 October
Gr 6-10 Most events in chemistry take place on an atomic or molecular level, but this book succeeds in making the non-visual perceivable and easy to understand. The structure of atoms and molecules, the periodic table, and chemical bonding are difficult concepts that are rendered accurately, without being oversimplified. Chemical reactions covered include: acid-base, oxidation-reduction, and electrochemical. Each group of elements, from alkali metals to the halogens, is discussed in its own two-page spread. Organic chemistry and chemical analysis are also included. A page of useful data features important ions and radicals, common names and formulas of important compounds, names and structures of common plastics, discovery of elements, melting and boiling points of some elements, and the most abundant elements in the Earth's crust. A double-page spread of the periodic table gives the atomic number and weight, chemical symbol, and full name of each element. The pages are well organized and illustrated with brightly colored, labeled photographs and diagrams. Step-by-step explanations are given in pictures with accompanying blocks of text. Every library should have at least one copy of this excellent introduction on hand. Margaret M. Hagel, Norfolk Public Library System, VA Copyright 1998 School Library Journal Reviews