Reviews for Alice In Wonderland: Masterpiece Edition

Video Librarian Reviews
An early example of watered-down-for-mass-consumption Disneyfication--but a total delight nonetheless--this classic animated adaptation of Lewis Carroll's surreal fairytale about a little girl's trippy dream world of Cheshire cats, mad tea parties, and lunatic face cards has been given the royal treatment for its second DVD release, this time as part of Disney's "Masterpiece Edition" line. Boasting a crisp and colorful digital restoration with remastered Dolby Digital 5.1 sound, the film holds up beautifully after 50 years, and the second disc of bonus features has something for everyone: an interactive virtual tea party, sing-a-longs and games for kids, a 1923 "Alice" short by Walt Disney for cinephiles (it was one of the first films to mix live action and animation), a nifty 1950 TV special called "One Hour in Wonderland" for Disney buffs, and an Alice-inspired Mickey Mouse cartoon called "Thru the Mirror" for, well, everybody. And there's a new song as well, "I'm Odd," sung by the Cheshire cat. Highly recommended. (R Blackwelder) Copyright Video Librarian Reviews 2004.