Reviews for Treasure Planet

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Sucking all the "classic" out of Treasure Island and filling the void with sci-fi videogame graphics and Disney-fied adolescent angst, this animated adaptation is literally nothing more than a cartoon caricature of its inspiration. Aimed squarely at cool-conscious preteen boys, it re-imagines young hero Jim Hawkins (voice of Joseph Gordon-Levitt) as a sullen space delinquent who discovers a 3D holographic treasure map and sets off on his grand adventure in an old-fashioned but space-faring, three-mast, solar-wind-powered sailing ship. Visually, Treasure Planet shows considerable imagination with its fantasy CGI universe, but personality-wise, it has only one highlight: Long John Silver...the cyborg. The treacherously chummy galley cook and incognito pirate, who takes a shine to young Jim before double-crossing him for the treasure, is a vividly portentous character, with a laser-beam eye (instead of a patch) and high-tech, gadget-packed Swiss Army knife prosthetics (instead of the customary hook hand and peg leg). But Disney has beaten the rest of the movie into their assembly-line mold--and when they do color outside the lines, it's a hapless attempt to up the "cool" quotient. Recommended only because it's Disney, it's sell-through, and it's going to be popular. (R. Blackwelde Copyright Video Librarian Reviews 2003.