Reviews for Uncanny Avengers 2 : The Apocalypse Twins (Marvel Now)

Booklist Reviews 2014 February #1
Beginning with a cracking-good flashback story featuring Thor's encounter with X-Men nemesis Apocalypse and exploding into a plot involving time-lord Kang's manipulation of the Apocalypse Twins and the slaying of godlike Celestial, Marvel presents the second volume featuring a team made of two of its hottest cinematic properties, the Avengers and the X-Men. The scope is ratcheted up to a cosmic level, which, along with a growing cast and a story that breaks off in the middle, will give experienced readers a lot to contend with and newcomers virtually no entry point at all. However, Remender does not do this at the expense of character, creating a sense of dire tension among the team and giving everyone in the large ensemble fine moments, particularly Thor, who feels responsible for letting a vastly powerful weapon fall into enemy hands, and Wolverine, plagued with guilt over the death of his son. Acuna takes over the art chores impressively, giving the space gods and superhumans a luster and wonder that even movies still can't quite match. Copyright 2014 Booklist Reviews.