Reviews for Runaways : Pride & Joy

Booklist Reviews 2009 November #1
Vaughan, along with Brian Bendis (Ultimate Spider-Man), is the driving force behind making mainstream superhero comics relevant to young adults again. With an indie sensibility and a talent for writing instantly identifiable and charmingly idiosyncratic characters, Vaughan has triumphed with series like Y: The Last Man and the graphic novel Pride of Baghdad (2006). The first arc of his Runaways work, collected here, puts that talent on full display with this deliriously high concept: a group of teenagers from around the country attend their families' annual get-together and discover that their parents are actually supervillains, right down to their plans for world domination. As the kids go on the run, the now-classic superpowers-as-metaphor-for-adolescence device is given a fresh makeover, and the characters talk and act like real teens, providing a solid foundation for all manner of twists and turns. Along with Ultimate Spider-Man and Civil War, Runaways is one of the few must-owns in the modern-superhero genre for your teen collection. Copyright 2009 Booklist Reviews.