Reviews for Forensic Science Projects with a Crime Lab You Can Build

Booklist Reviews 2007 October #2
Science-project books are always in demand, and Gardner's latest has twofold appeal. First, it ties into the high-interest field of forensics. Second, like others in the Build-a-Lab! Science Experiments series, its first project involves the gathering of equipment and supplies, encouraging the organization conducive to sound scientific inquiry. Gardner creatively handles the challenging task of assembling activities that connect strongly to his often grisly theme. Experiments such as analyzing the density of glass and creating chromatographic profiles of different inks illustrate the investigation techniques presented in the main text, while underscoring basic curriculum concepts. As with many hands-on science titles, however, this one falters when addressing safety issues. Cautions and calls for adult help appear prominently, but one experiment that uses vapors from a dab of Superglue lacks the foresight exhibited elsewhere in the book by failing to warn against inhaling the substance. Concerns may also arise surrounding the concluding list of science-supply companies--a feature that may be welcomed by experimenters even as adults fret over the uses to which such supplies may be put. While the forensics information will draw students' interest, the potential dangers may lead some recommenders to set this aside for use in classrooms, where adult supervision can be ensured. Copyright 2007 Booklist Reviews.

Horn Book Guide Reviews 2008 Spring
Gardner provides instructions on how to build tools specific to each content area (such as testing kits for forensics and an astrolabe for astronomy) that are then used to conduct a collection of home-based science experiments. The detailed instructions, accompanied by helpful diagrams, color photographs, and suggestions for science fair projects, allow science-minded readers to form their own conclusions. Reading list, websites. Ind. [Review covers these Build-a-Lab! Science Experiments titles: Astronomy Projects with an Observatory You Can Build, Chemistry Projects with a Laboratory You Can Build, Forensic Science Projects with a Crime Lab You Can Build, and Physics Projects with a Light Box You Can Build.] Copyright 2008 Horn Book Guide Reviews.