Reviews for Addition Made Easy

Horn Book Guide Reviews 2006 Spring
Though these books, illustrated with cartoon art, may not teach the uninitiated as well as they claim in their introductions, they clearly reinforce the basic principles of mathematics. Each book (except Word) lists key terms (e.g., factor, dividend). Reading list, websites. Ind. [Review covers these Making Math Easy titles: Addition Made Easy, Division Made Easy, Fractions and Decimals Made Easy, Multiplication Made Easy, Subtraction Made Easy, and Word Problems Made Easy.] Copyright 2006 Horn Book Guide Reviews.

School Library Journal Reviews 2005 October

Gr 1-4 -The basics of addition and subtraction are presented in two-page explanations and demonstrations. Each book contains a detailed table of contents, a one-page index, and a table of subtraction and addition terms. Problems and examples are explained and profusely illustrated with pen-and-ink drawings. Unfortunately, there are no practice problems. These books would serve as quick references or beginning guides for teaching math, but it's unlikely that children will pick them up. They might be a reasonable purchase for libraries that have a home-school population.-Erlene Bishop Killeen, Fox Prairie Elementary School, Stoughton, WI

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