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Booklist Reviews 2012 September #1
*Starred Review* Boston TV reporter Jane Ryland's refusal to give up her source for a story accusing supermarket mogul Arthur Vick of making promises to call-girl Sellica Darden results in her station losing a million-dollar defamation suit, and Jane losing her job. With a little help from her pal, Detective Jake Brogan, Jane--now labeled "Wrong Guy Ryland"--lands a spot on a newspaper, working for a former competitor, sharing a desk, and getting the soft assignment of interviewing the wife of U.S. senatorial candidate Owen Lassiter. But the biggest local news, which is being covered by Jane's deskmate, involves the recent deaths of two young women whose bodies are found in the river; when the third such victim is Darden, Vick becomes a viable suspect in what seem to be a string of serial murders. With the Senate race heating up, Jane is looking for "the other woman" in Lassiter's life, while Jake is after "the Bridge Killer." Ryan, an investigative reporter for Boston's NBC affiliate, knows her way around politics at high levels, and she uses that knowledge to fashion a revenge-fueled plot that twists and turns at breakneck speed. Political skulduggery and murder make a high-octane mix in this perfect thriller for an election season. Copyright 2012 Booklist Reviews.

Kirkus Reviews 2012 May #1
Fired by the TV station that got sued for libel when she refused to reveal a source, a Boston reporter gets thrown into the even more dangerous shark tank of a U.S. Senate campaign. Jane Ryland knew perfectly well that grocery magnate Arthur Vick was the client who'd reneged on all the high-flown promises he'd made call-girl Sellica Darden. But when Vick won a $1 million judgment from Channel 11 and Sellica vanished, her boss threw her under the train. Now that Jane's old rival, Boston Register city editor Alex Wyatt, has snapped her up, the first thing he wants her to do is identify the source she wouldn't identify in court. No deal. So Alex sends her into the jaws of ex-governor Owen Lassiter's Senatorial campaign to get an interview with Lassiter's reclusive wife Moira. At first Moira hides behind the likes of campaign mogul Trevor Kiernan and consultant Rory Maitland; then she puts Jane off. When she finally talks, though, what she says is explosive: She thinks the candidate is carrying on an affair. In fact, he's in much deeper trouble than his wife realizes. Two different beauties, volunteer Kenna Wilkes and groupie Holly Neff, are plotting at cross-purposes to get close to him for their own nefarious ends. Someone sabotages one of his campaign rallies in far-off Springfield. Skeletons from the candidate's past prepare to leap from their closets. Back in the present, Detective Jake Brogan, Jane's friend and not-quite-lover, tangles with reporters convinced that the second young woman's corpse found near a bridge means the city is harboring a serial killer. More of everything you read thrillers for--two unrelated stalkers, four unrelated killers (along with diverse non-homicidal malefactors) and enough plot twists for a pretzel factory. Readers who love too much of a good thing will look forward to the promised series from Ryan (Drive Time, 2010, etc.). Copyright Kirkus 2012 Kirkus/BPI Communications.All rights reserved.

Library Journal Reviews 2012 July #1

When several young women are found murdered near bridges in Boston, the media incite panic by suggesting a serial killer is at work. Det. Jake Brogan must handle the fallout. Meanwhile, Jane Ryland, a recently discredited investigative TV journalist-turned-newspaper reporter, uncovers a possible scandal involving a Senate contender. The plot thickens as story lines entwine and Jane's career and life are endangered. Can Jane's investigative prowess prevent further scandals and deaths? Will Jake track down the Bridge Killer before more women die? Is there more than just a professional connection between Jane and Jake? VERDICT Ryan, the Anthony and Agatha Award-winning author of the Charlotte McNally mysteries (Drive Time; Prime Time), employs her investigative reporting and political background to craft a dizzying labyrinth of twists, turns, and surprises. Readers who crave mystery and political intrigue will be mesmerized by this first installment of her new series. [See Prepub Alert, 3/21/12.]--Mary Todd Chesnut, Northern Kentucky Univ. Lib., Highland Heights

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Publishers Weekly Reviews 2012 July #5

In this lightweight murder thriller, Ryan (Drive Time and three other mysteries featuring Boston TV investigative reporter Charlotte "Charlie" McNally) introduces Jane Ryland, a former Boston TV investigative reporter, who left Channel 11 in disgrace and is now working as a newspaper reporter. Jane is covering a U.S. Senate race while her desk mate has the more exciting beat, writing about a serial murderer known as the Bridge Killer. Jane spends significant time thinking about the possibilities of her romantic life, dwelling on the various attractions of her cop friend, Det. Jake Brogan; her newspaper editor, Alex Wyatt; and a cute guy campaign worker, Trevor Kiernan. Jane's campaign reporting soon mixes with the hunt for the serial killer. Misunderstandings, misconceptions, mistaken identities, missed opportunities, and, most egregiously, missed cellphone calls generate more tedium than suspense. Those who care about what Jane is wearing and who she thinks is hot will be most rewarded. Agent: Lisa Gallagher, Sanford J. Greenburger Associates. (Sept.)

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