Reviews for Zombie Handbook

Booklist Reviews 2011 August #1
"This compact book does a good job of introducing zombies: what they are, how they look, where you find them. Readers will learn that zombies appear in the folklore of diverse cultures, from ancient Egypt to Haiti. There are also straightforward reports of sightings and zombie stories from history, such as an account of Charleston's John Domingo, who claimed to raise dead people who then carried out murders for him; he eventually died a mysterious death after declaring that he was greater than Jesus. Under the heading "Zombie Facts," readers will learn ways to identify and protect against zombies ("They're not as smart . . . as you"), which gives justification to the book's subtitle. The history and lore would have been well served by references and source notes, but the text is highly readable, the interspersed artwork is creepy and plentiful, and the suggestion that zombies are among us is most intriguing. A glossary is appended." Copyright 2011 Booklist Reviews.