Reviews for Never Too Little to Love

Booklist Reviews 2005 February #1
PreS-K. This tall, slim book about love offers some delightful design surprises. The cover features the hero, a white mouse, tiny Too-Little, standing on a cupcake that is surrounded by tiny ants. He loves someone the audience can't see, but she's "way up there." To get to his lady love, Tiny begins by standing on a thimble. That, of course, isn't enough, so on each succeeding page, Tiny climbs on yet another object; a matchbook, a watermelon, a teacup, a cabbage, a candle, and a few other items appear one by one on successively shorter pages that overlap when turned, until the mouse is finally revealed standing atop a column of objects balancing on a tiny pair of stilts. Then there's a huge crash, with Tiny landing on the ground. Finally, the lover appears--a giraffe, who bends down (thanks to smart paper engineering) and offers a kiss. As attractive as it is clever, the book features ink-and-watercolor washes with soft lines that capture the feeling of being lovelorn yet hopeful. ((Reviewed February 1, 2005)) Copyright 2005 Booklist Reviews.

Horn Book Guide Reviews 2005 Fall
Hoping to climb up and kiss the giraffe he loves, a mouse builds a tower, but it collapses. So the giraffe bends down and delivers the sought-after kiss. While some might find the book a bit too sweet, the design is clever: pages cut to decreasing sizes display a growing "stack" of words that mirrors the mouse's stack of objects on the opposing page. Copyright 2005 Horn Book Guide Reviews.

Publishers Weekly Reviews 2004 December #1
A mouse's ingenuity in the name of love is the inspiration for this sweet, if somewhat cloyingly resolved, paper-over-board novelty book. Tiny Too-Little's beloved is "way up there," writes Willis (the Dr. Xargle books), although who this adored one is and just how tall are not revealed until the very end. Determined to give his girlfriend a kiss, the mouse stacks one object on top of another in hopes of reaching her eager lips. By the time Tiny Too-Little is finished, the improbable (delicately balanced) tower includes, in ascending order, a thimble, a matchbox, a watermelon, a teacup and a cabbage, just for starters. But he always comes up short, "even on tiptoes." Fearnley's (Watch Out!) winsome watercolors effectively convey the precariousness of the mouse's endeavor, as well the sweet-natured yearning that drives him. The main visual attraction here is a series of cutaway pages, which enable readers to watch the list of items accumulate on the left hand side of each spread, while new levels of the tower emerge in the mounting drawing on the right. When the tower inevitably collapses, love still conquers all (a comely giraffe bends down to give him a "great big kiss" in a picture with a soupfon of three-dimensionality). Willis's concluding statement seems unnecessary; the blissful post-kiss couple pictured at the end says it all. Ages 3-up. (Jan.) Copyright 2004 Reed Business Information.